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People are struggling. Even with all the nonprofits in our Birmingham, Alabama, community, there are still many unmet needs. That’s why The Ladder partners with nonprofits to meet individual needs that may be outside the organization's scope of services.

A helping hand to people who are climbing up



Like you, we are troubled by people struggling in our community. We’ve all felt stuck in a bad situation and just needed focused help and a different perspective to move forward. Thank God, we were blessed to have the guidance and support to overcome. Many people don’t. That’s where The Ladder comes in. We call ourselves The Ladder because we help individuals one by one climb over a very specific, personal barrier that is otherwise keeping them from moving forward in life.

We help people overcome and progress

How is The Ladder different from other nonprofits?

Even with all the nonprofits in our community, there are still so many unmet needs. You see, most nonprofits focus primarily on only one cause (education, health, homelessness, etc.) then develop programs to assist people affected by that particular cause. There’s nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, we love those nonprofits! That’s why we partner with them to meet needs that they might not be able to.


Our Process:

  • A nonprofit is serving a person.

  • This person has encountered a barrier he or she can’t climb over without other help.

  • The nonprofit and individual agree it’s the one thing keeping them from success.

  • However, this specific need falls outside the scope of the nonprofit’s offerings.

  • At this point, the nonprofit partners with The Ladder.

  • The Ladder interviews the person to hear their story and help identify potential solutions.

The Ladder will work with the client to help them over the "missing rung."

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This is a broad and
open-ended process
by design!

Our purpose is to focus on an individual’s particular roadblock, rather than on a specific issue or problem. We focus on people over problems. Each person who comes to us has a barrier specific to them that’s preventing their progress. To the individuals we help, it’s meaningful and life-changing. We’re paying it forward so the people we help can go on to help others, and it’s happening!

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